Amarillo Bioregion

Question: What Bioregion is Amarillo in?

Answer: West Texas is in the Llano Estacado Bioregion.

“A farm-to-market back road, West Texas, September 1978. Without consulting a map, I am not sure just where I am. It has been two days since I have left the oak savannahs bordering the Texas prairies, gathering up and moving my paltry possessions to alight 450 miles farther west, and 3,000 feet higher up, atop a country like no other in my experience. It is not the featurelessness of the surrounding plains I find so disorienting. In fact, the plowed ground stretching away everywhere like a corduroyed sheet as far as the eye can reach is not devoid of features. The surface, green with crops, seems literally tacked down by power lines marching away to sinking into the horizon. Silvery machinery linked by pipe to scattered V-8 automobile engines lurches insect-like across a scene possessing roughly the romance of a parking lot. Here and there a tree grove around a farmhouse or the odd windmill briefly challenges the overwhelming horizontality.”
excerpt from:

Regional knowledge: “When the mesquites bloom there won’t be another frost.”


About ellieearly

I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. I moved back to Amarillo Feb 2011 after university in at Umass Dartmouth and post college adventures in central rural Tennessee on The Farm and surrounding land. Back in Amarillo I tried staring a business called Better Kitchen Gardens. This year, 2013, the High Plains Food Bank hired me to teach nutrition and gardening at the Mavrick Boys and Girls club. I'm a "Permi" a permaculutralist! I will use this site to share my Amarillo Permi ventures.
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