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Fear vs. exhilaration on my recent mountain biking adventure. Down hill body nerves stood on end for three hours straight. The support of my boyfriend, friends, a beautiful mountain side, a healthy lunch, built muscles flashed in my brain assuring me I’d make it through. I got better each time because I envisioned myself going down a trail well and asking Alex the expert Mt biker, ” how do I make this turn” “how many fingers do I put on the brakes” “what other tips do you have, I am more nervous than I’ve been in my life.”

The wave of exhilaration a sense after the challenge. Mountain biking is so much fun the hard part is making it fun.

In the conservative and desert area of Amarillo Texas I frequently yearn for the more “liberal” culture I was exposed to in my North East University Experience and The Farm’s Ecovillage Training Center where we celebrate diversity and awareness of personal internal feelings/emotions as motivators for healthy behavior. ” I want to build and maintain a culture I love in my foreign yet hometown of Amarillo. Amarillo has a small town culture in a big city and local businesses are a mainstay of our local culture. How will I start an ecologically based business and honor my desires of diversity and awareness? “Begin and you will learn how to proceed” says Gahndi and my mentor Adam Turtle.

A list of links related to business theory I can follow for my design ideas are below.

“building a clean-energy economy is a chance to reinvigorate and reinvest in the best part of the American dream: the idea that everyone gets a chance to succeed. By ensuring that every community has equal access to the new opportunities of the green economy, we can lift millions of people out of poverty.”  Healing Roots Design is a business which emphasizes health of gardening with the practice of yoga and herbalism in the garden. I met Keri briefly when I visited Asheville. Living Systems Design in Asheville shares creative practical articles on local food producing and Permaculture ideas.

An article in Inc magazine emphasizes creating a clear culture in their business along with clear business plan. I do want to be part of business with clear culture of healthy humans, expertise in making sound ecological decisions, and economically productive enterprise. In permaculture these ethics are called “People Care, Earth Care, and Fair Share.”

My “free-lance librarian chief-optimist hero” Patrick Gibbs also recommended these links via email:
Ways to get support for starting and running an ecological business:
1) Start a Peer-to-Peer University course about the topic — . This way you can gather other folks with interest in doing this, so you can at least learn together, and maybe even attract people with experience/skills/knowledge in certain aspects. All you need to know is enough to write the course description! Yay! Free! (Maybe also look up Ashoka U School of Change.)
2) This program, with the deadline last week, but still maybe useful: and maybe you can waive the application fee with the code JGR07001
3) Websites of other groups that might have something relevant, from an email from Ethan Roland:

Finding friends in Texas (who might know the why and the how of rainwater catchment):
1) Folks from the bioregionalism listserve who I think inhabit some corner of Texas: Paula Brennecke <>. Just ask if she knows anyone in your area, or knows someone who might.
2) Look up the Radical Encuentro online, see if it’s still happening.
3) Look on and see if there’s any policy in your region, then find out who made it happen.
4) Websites you [probably] already know about where you could look for people:, Jumo?, Transition network website,
5) Remember Merry inhabits Plano, though I guess that’s a long drive. And Bob Waldrop (Santa Claus dude from first Financial Permaculture course) lives in Oklahoma City. And the Woodbine Ecology Center in southern Colorado really excites me (and Cliff too).

Also my friend Gregory’s blog   He says The world needs me the world needs you, most of all, the world needs us together

Gracias Amigos!


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I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. I moved back to Amarillo Feb 2011 after university in at Umass Dartmouth and post college adventures in central rural Tennessee on The Farm and surrounding land. Back in Amarillo I tried staring a business called Better Kitchen Gardens. This year, 2013, the High Plains Food Bank hired me to teach nutrition and gardening at the Mavrick Boys and Girls club. I'm a "Permi" a permaculutralist! I will use this site to share my Amarillo Permi ventures.
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