Ecological Systems

Ecological Systems are patterns of life which thrive together to make a system of life where on life forms waste is anothers resource. Where niches are filled by different plants and nutrients cycle through the local life forms with few leaks of nutrients. Ecosystems sustain themselves from the sun, water, and air that circulates globally. Ecocystems come from watersheds, geology, micro biology of the soil, insects, plants, animals and people. People have the power of observation and interaction and can manage Ecosystems. Some current research supposes that the rain forests of south america and the great forests of the Americas were managed by people! Economy of is the management of the household and Ecology is the management of the land.

Abundant resources come from our natural resources and we need to manage these for abundance!


About ellieearly

I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. I moved back to Amarillo Feb 2011 after university in at Umass Dartmouth and post college adventures in central rural Tennessee on The Farm and surrounding land. Back in Amarillo I tried staring a business called Better Kitchen Gardens. This year, 2013, the High Plains Food Bank hired me to teach nutrition and gardening at the Mavrick Boys and Girls club. I'm a "Permi" a permaculutralist! I will use this site to share my Amarillo Permi ventures.
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