SW Corner good for Mountain Mahogany

ImageThe Southwest Corner of BikeLife surrounded by asphalt parking lot and cement is a tough place to grow plants. The sunflower and iris are crisply hanging on with a little supplemental water.  The Amarillo, Texas winds prevail from the SW. We get hail storms, high winds, over 100 degree days and hard freezes.

front SW with treeMountain Mahogany was suggested to me by http://wichitapermaculture.com/. Mountian Mahogany is a nitrogen fixer, nectar source April -June, drought tolerant, and slow growing. Deer like to browse the leaves, so potentially it could supplement any browsing animals diet. Also it comes back from the roots even when harshly pruned, burned, or topped. Its gnarly appearance, slow growth rate, drought tolerance, and suckering from the roots make it a good choice for our front. With regional growing interest in xeriscape this is a great showcase corner, and people can propagate new trees from the suckers.




About ellieearly

I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. I moved back to Amarillo Feb 2011 after university in at Umass Dartmouth and post college adventures in central rural Tennessee on The Farm and surrounding land. Back in Amarillo I tried staring a business called Better Kitchen Gardens. This year, 2013, the High Plains Food Bank hired me to teach nutrition and gardening at the Mavrick Boys and Girls club. I'm a "Permi" a permaculutralist! I will use this site to share my Amarillo Permi ventures.
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